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Do you need an interpreter for your business meeting? Or a translator to translate your business documents? You are on the right track. Canada Translator offers both translation and interpretation services for all your translation needs. Call us to discuss about your requirements and to request a free price quotation.

business translatorBusiness Document Translation

Our services include certified translation of official business documents such as business permits, receipts, contracts and more. We also have non-certified translators non-official documents such as articles, business web-pages and websites, manuals, flyers and other promotional materials. You can send us your document by uploading an electronic copy to our website. Please click here to get a business translation quote and to submit your document. Fill up the quote form with your personal details, description of requirements, & contact information. We can send you the completed certified translation within 3 to 5 business days.

Business Interpreters

If you need professional interpreters for your business meetings with foreign investors, partners, or clients, don't hesitate to contact us. We have the right people for you. Our interpreters are expert linguists who spent years of experience in different areas and fields of expertise which spans administration, arts, business, communication, computer science, economics, engineering, finance, health, industry and technology, law, literature, mechanics, medical and pharmaceutical, social sciences, telecommunications, tourism and more. Please click here to get a business interpreter quote.

You can call us today. We'll be glad to assist you.

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Canada Translator is your source for foreign language translation services across Canada.

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