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Canada Translator offers live interpreting services for business meetings, conferences, court meetings, medical meetings, phone conversations and more. Please call us to discuss about your requirements and to request a free quote.

What is the difference between a Translator and an Interpreter?

Translators and interpreters share the same goal but are different in many ways. Their goal is to facilitate cross-cultural communication and to convey not just words but thoughts, ideas, and concepts. A translator translates a written word while an interpreter translates a spoken word often in a live manner.

Live Interpreter

A translator translates texts, documents or files at a given time and date. This gives the translator ample time to sit down and think through the words that needed to be translated to the target language. An interpreter on the other hand, translates on-the-spot. This kind of work requires great concentration, good analytical skills, and a sharp memory.

There are two forms of live interpreting: simultaneous, and consecutive. Simultaneous live interpreting means the interpreter simultaneously listens and comprehends what the speaker is saying and at the same time translating what the speaker have just said. This needs exceptional concentration as doing two things at the same time is a difficult task. The interpreter must listen carefully and attentively to what the speaker is saying word for word for him to convey the appropriate thought or ideas that the speaker intended to convey.

The other form is consecutive interpreting. This means the speaker alternately speaks for one to five minutes and then after finishing a paragraph or one thought, the interpreter translates what the speaker have just said. As the speaker speaks, the interpreter listens closely and takes down notes. A good interpreter will translate not just the word spoken but also communicates the right thought and the right point. It is important that the interpreter has special knowledge on the speaker's subject so he can anticipate what the speaker will say next and be able to prepare for it.


Live Canada Translator Services

We offer live interpreting services for your interpreting needs. Our live interpreters have a wide range of specializations. These include and are not limited to administration, arts, business, communication, computer science, economics, engineering, finance, health, industry and technology, law, literature, mechanics, medical and pharmaceutical, social sciences, telecommunications, and tourism. Our interpreters are professional linguists and are highly experienced in their chosen fields.

Be sure to provide us important details for the interpretation project like the location where it will be held, duration of the sessions, time and date, the role of the interpreter, the subject of the meeting, and the approximate number of people attending so we can determine the number of interpreters needed. Call us so we can book the right interpreter for you ahead of time. We have a big list of choice interpreters for your interpreting needs. Please click here to request for a live translator quote.


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