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Thai Translator Canada

Thai Translator

Thai translator services are offered throughout Canada for English to Thai and Thai to English translator services. Please call or request a quote to get a Thai translator.

Thai TranslatorsThai is the official language of Thailand. It is one of the oldest languages in East and South-East Asia. The Thai writing system was introduces by King Rham Khambaeng in 1283. It is of Sanskrit origin, and is consisting of 44 consonants and 48 vowels.

Thai grammar is a lot simpler than most European languages. Ironically, it's simplicity makes it complicated for non-Thai speakers. Thai does not use gender for nouns, as well as pronouns, no past or future tenses of verbs, not even plurals.

The biggest challenge is the language's tonality.

Thai is a monosyllabic language which uses five tones -high, medium, low, rising, and falling tone- to alter the meaning of a single syllable.

To explain this, we'll use the popular Thai sentence that says:

"mai mai mai mai,mai," -means "new wood doesn't burn, does it?"

Each "mai" is spoken with different intonations:

"Mai" means new (low tone)

"Mai" means wood (high tone)

"Mai" means not (falling tone)

"Mai" means burn (falling tone)

"Mai" is used as a question (rising tone)

Another example is the way they use "you" in addressing certain people. Thai offers ten ways to use "you" depending on who they are speaking to. It could be to a friend or a lover, a family member, someone higher or lower that you in social class, and so on. The difference is just the intonation! Interesting, isn't it? And really challenging to non-Thai speakers.

We understand that language is a vital part in communicating effectively, especially if the two parties are from different countries using different languages. This is where we can help. Thai translator offer services for all your translation and interpreter needs. Our Thai translator can provide you accurate and affordable Thai translation for your documents such as driver's license, birth certificates, passports, visas, business documents, legal documents, medical documents, and even more. We also have Thai interpreters for your business meetings, legal meetings, etc. Call us to discuss about your translation requirements.


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Our Thai Translator services has a wide variety of certified professional translators and interpreters that you can choose from. We guaranty quality translation outcomes in an efficient, satisfying, and affordable way. If you need a Thai translator, contact us. Our services are available throughout Canada. Friendly staff are waiting for you. We'll be glad to assist you in selecting a translator that will suit your translation needs.

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