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Vietnamese Translator Canada

Vietnamese Translator

Vietnamese translator services are offered throughout Canada for English to Vietnamese and Vietnamese to English translator services. Please call or request a quote to get a Vietnamese translator.

Vietnamese TranslatorVietnamese language is the official language in Vietnam. About 86% of the country's population speak it as their mother tongue, and around 3 million Vietnamese overseas. Its vocabulary has loanwords from the Chinese, just like Japanese and Korean. 60% of the vocabulary has Chinese roots. One of the ways to determine a Vietnamese word from Chinese loanword is the way that the tone is shifted but the meaning is still the same. Whereas in Chinese, a different meaning of a single word arises with a slight change of tone. Another notable influence to Vietnamese vocabulary is the French occupation resulting to numerous loanwords from the French language.

The language has four branches or dialects according to their geographical assignments: Northern, North-central, Central, and Southern Vietnamese. These dialects are mutually intelligible to each other. However, differences are present in terms of the tone, vocabulary, and grammar. A good Vietnamese translator is aware of these differences.

Canada translator offers quality translations prepared by professional certified Vietnamese translators who know the language by heart. We have multi-linguists who are dedicated in providing the best translation and interpreter services for all your translation needs.


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Our Vietnamese Translator services has a wide variety of certified professional translators and interpreters that you can choose from. We guaranty quality translation outcomes in an efficient, satisfying, and affordable way. If you need a Vietnamese translator, contact us. Our services are available throughout Canada. Friendly staff are waiting for you. We'll be glad to assist you in selecting a translator that will suit your translation needs.

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Canada Translator is your source for foreign language translation services across Canada.

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